Peel-Off Face Mask
Youthful Radiance
#1045 (50ml)


Peel-Off Face Mask
Youthful Radiance
#1045 (50ml)

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INSTITUT ARNAUD PARIS – Youthful Radiance Range – PEEL-OFF FACE MASK (50ml)

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Recommended Perfector Product
Can be used as a stand alone or at the end of your Perfector Deep Cleanse Treatment.

With its powerful triple action, this face mask offers instant radiance, an immediate lifting effect and long-term firming action.
The powerful peel-off action of this stimulating mask removes dead skin cells which encourages a youthful glow, erasing signs of fatigue.

Active Ingredients
White clay: instant detoxification.
Urea, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, licorice extracts: moisturizing, softening and restoring the skins natural PH balance.
Grapeseed oil: regenerates and restructures, maintains the skin’s hydric equilibrium.
Purified yeast extract: firming and anti-aging agent, stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes tissue repair.

Who is it for?
For women from 25 to 40 who want to combat the first signs of aging: fine wrinkles, loss of tone, sagging and dry skin.
All skin types.

How to use
Use the YOUTHFUL RADIANCE Peel-Off Mask two or three times per week, depending on your skin type. Especially good for congested skins due to its exfoliating qualities.
Apply a thin, even layer of mask to your face, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for 15 minutes until the mask is dry and has become a film which is like a second skin. Carefully peel the film off, moving up from chin to forehead. Remove any residue with water or a sponges soaked in warm water.
After removal, apply an appropriate moisturiser and conclude the treatment with our SPF Day Cream if applicable.

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