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Perfector increases Cellular Intelligence

The Perfector Cell Communication System builds new tissue via a procedure that is both chemical and electrical.  The results include lifted facial muscles and a healthier youthful glow.

Our goal at Perfector Skincare was to develop an “artificial language” via a sophisticated device that can communicate with our own body’s “Language of Life”.  Our team of scientists discovered that this artificial language must be delivered via a high definition signal, which must be capable of minimising noise, whilst using precision wave forms and constant current.  Perfector is an artificial intelligence device capable of producing a high definition signal that produces impressive results in skin rejuvenation.

The idea of “Body Electric” is not new, but the concept of the exactitude necessary for maximum effectiveness is a rapidly advancing science.

To explain in brief, the proteins on the cells membrane are generated by amino acids together by their negative and positive charges.  For example, when electrical charge of protein is altered, the protein will change its shape as needed to accept nourishment or reject harmful elements.  A specific channel type “Adenosine Tri-Phosphate” (ATP) turns the cell into a constantly recharging biological battery.  This can be best explained as AGE REVERSAL

  1. Increases collagen, elastine, circulation and proliferation of tiny blood vessels (Chi 1999, 2002)
  2. Increases ATP up to 500% (Cheng et al, 1982)
  3. Increases protein synthesis (Cheng et al, 1982)
  4. Increases cell proliferation, DNA and protein content (Yin et al)
  5. Acts as an antioxidant in chronic ulcer, healing in human subjects (Lee et al, 2005)

Cell Growth and Production

As long as cells receive an adequate supply of food, oxygen and water, they will eliminate waste products and maintain proper temperature.  Therefore cells will continue to grow and thrive.  Most body cells are capable of growth and self repair during their life cycle and everyday the body replaces over 3 ½ billion cells.  Entire organs such as the skin, kidneys, heart and liver are constantly being replaced in a six to nine month cycle.  In a seven year period even the cells of the bones are replaced.

What is Cell Regeneration?

The process of cell regeneration is complex.  For the purpose of this webpage, a brief overview will be given on cells and a cellular architecture of the tissues.  There are approximately 200 different cell types in the body, each differing in their size and shape and the contribution they make to the functioning of the body as a whole.  Regeneration of the cells would normally occur after a trauma either on the skin’s surface or on deeper levels such as the dermis.  Skin trauma stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative tendencies.

Procedures that cause trauma on the skin surface (e.g. laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion) stimulates the cell renewal that occurs at the stratum basal.  Procedures that penetrate the epidermis to cause trauma below the skin surface known as the dermis  (i.e. cool touch laser in light laser) usually stimulate fibroblast secretion of collagen.  These procedures may not leave signs of intrusion on the epidermis, and the client may not see results relating to anti- ageing until the second or third session.  Some immediate results seen on the skin are primarily the results of oedema (swelling).

The body has to work above and beyond its regular work load in order to compensate for the trauma.  In short, the skin can yield great results.  Newly repaired skin after the infliction of trauma can improve it’s appearance.  However, how long can the body sustain repeated trauma in the quest for beauty before experiencing adverse effects?  In principle, the concept of the cell communication system is to regenerate without trauma, in other words, in developing the Perfector, the task is to perfect a technique that stimulates regeneration without traumatising the body first.

To study the cells own regenerative process and how they are accomplished.

To study the key factors in enhancing regeneration.

To study the isolating key factor to enhance regeneration.

Applying the key factors of regeneration to the skin and recording the results.

Perfector wave forms are like a key to a lock, mimicking the biological process involved in the normal cellular functions of self repair and regeneration without the trauma.

The advantages of Perfector

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Face lifting
  • Acne and Rosacea reduction
  • Cell regeneration and healing
  • Increases cell energy
  • Increases collagen and elastine
  • Balances skin PH
  • Muscle tissue repair
  • No trauma
  • No side effects
  • Long lasting results
  • Maintenance treatments recommended every 4-6 weeks
  • 20 years of clinical data from the UK confirms safety and effectiveness
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